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Learner Core Integration Platform

Create, schedule, and monitor your automated integrations

Adopt and modify software integration connectors from our growing library or build your own.

Host your connectors on-premises for free or in the Learner CoreTM Cloud.

Centrally monitor notifications of integration activities and review data transfer history.

EdTech learning tools use Learner Core to:

Become compliant with interoperability standards with little to zero changes to existing technology.

Create opportunities by meeting the growing demand for standardized EdTech from school districts everywhere.

Participate in exclusive marketplaces driven by interoperability communities.


EdTech Learning Platforms use Learner Core to:

Increase value by widening compatibility with standardized EdTech solutions.

Offer integration with any proprietary system by building custom connectors.

Offload integration service commitments with a proven, reliable, and flexible platform.

State and Local
Education Agencies use Learner Core to:

Manage and monitor digital ecosystems and integrations through a centralized, cloud-based control system.

Create custom connectors that eliminate repetitive tasks for their technology teams.

Output data to their own data warehouse or adopt the Learner Core ODS as a source of truth.


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